Creença is a two-month residency hosting over 50 local, national and international, multidisciplinary artists in Catalonia, Spain. Taking place in an old Convent from the 19th Century, the space today is run as an art residency and a cultural center called “Konvent”. Initiated by Void Projects; painters, sculptors, installation artists, performers, and filmmakers will visit throughout July and August 2018 to create site specific installations and original works in situ to culminate in a three-day even from 31st of August and 1-2nd of September featuring theatre and live music. The objective of this series of pop-up events, is to create quality exhibitions outside the conventional art scene.Without intermediaries, galleries or institutions. These events will take place in different locations internationally. With the intention of encouraging direct dialogue between the artist and the public. These projects are not lucrative from the perspective of the organizations. We will not make any profits, each sale is 100% for the artist. Creença (Belief) comprises the concept of belief from a personal, religious or epistemological standpoint; questioning the line between belief and knowledge and proposing different relative perspectives. Embracing the social conventions and rituals of religion while avoiding the dogmatic belief. Creença invites the artist […]
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