The canvas that I painted for the exhibition show Creença in a residency organized by Voidprojects curated by Axel Void in Konvent, Spain.

This series of paintings are based on a childhood photograph.

One can share something with another person many times, taking it for granted, and having no evidence of it. Love is a  blind act, an act of faith. In my life, this is my only belief.
This series of paintings began with a photograph of my childhood.
The echo of the memory of our laughter still resonates within me, that feeling of perpetual present in which children live in, a photo innocent of its own future, unconscious of an adult self that would contemplate it years later, an unposed photograph, for children stand in front of the camera without posing for it.
I met the protagonist that is not present in this painting that afternoon. I do not remember her name. To this date, I do not know who she is, but the purity of that love, of that eternal embrace, has accompanied me throughout my life. We never saw each other again.
What is absent in this painting awakens in us the desire to know more than what the painting itself can record.
I wonder if our fears generate our beliefs, and I wonder if my belief in love is really my own fear of loneliness.
I can not answer this.