This is my diptych piece painted for the group show of Voidprojects for Homeless in t the Axel’s home in Miami.

I decided to paint this image to talk about the loss traditions in our culture and to reflect on how capitalism has influenced us in recent generations in the loss of these.
«Our grandparents wanted a better life for our parents and in a lot of the cases it implied their idea of progress, which was to leave the land for the big cities, supposedly full of opportunities. We, the grandchildren were born rooted to the asphalt. Our way of living has changed, the cities are full of people living alone, we have grown in the insatiable voracity of capitalism the era of individualism, we no longer need to kill the pig. Now we can buy our tray of loin in the supermarket as much as we wanted. In all of Spain the slaughter of the pig is still celebrated at the beginning of December. Families met for 2 days to kill the pig that they had raised to make the maximum possible food and distribute it among all the members equally, to be able to feed the rest of the year until the next slaughter. At the moment, it is one of the traditions that is being lost, that has been reduced to little more than a pantomime-pure entertainment for the public.»


Photos 1-2-4: @wallkandy (Ian Cox).