This is the instalation that me and Michael Beitz made for the show Meaningless organized by Voidprojects and Juxtapoz in Dowtown for Art Basel in Miami.

‘Table’ is a parody of that American Dream that so many people have been looking for this country. The industry of Hollywood has been one of the best propaganda of a system full of lies where the developments are perfect geometries of houses and backyards of freshly cut grass, with always shiny car tires, where the rubbish mountains do not exist nor the cockroaches. A system «falsely» full of opportunities for all that expels us from it in the slightest error, which in many cases pushes us to medicate ourselves to continue supporting the day by day penetrating edor of shit that emanates. It entertains us, while we watch television we do not pay attention to the shit that accumulates under the carpets stamped with a WELCOME. A system whereaccess to the most basic thing, such as healthy, quality food is a real luxury.


Photo 1- 2: @wallkandy (Ian Cox).